Thousands of People Feel Helped by Thai-Go!

* Thai-Go Mangosteen Juice"I have had a positive experience using this juice blend with 11 fruits and herbs. I was in a running class in January of last year, training for a 5K race on Memorial Day. I don't usually start my training until April of the year, so this was a challenge for me to start running in Chicago winters. When I learned of this amazing juice blend, I started taking it. Being a naturopathic physician, I knew I could put myself on a therapeutic dose. I was taking 1-2 ounces of the juice prior to my practice runs, three days a week. I also drank 2 ounces after the practice run. Being in sports medicine and nutrition, I know the nutritional requirements of an athlete are 2 to 10 times that of a normal person. So I drank the juice before a run to put fuel into my body and then after in order to replenish. When I ran the race on Memorial Day, I exceeded my own personal goals. I set a 55 minute goal for the 10k (6.2 miles) and did it in 52:15 because of the extra energy I felt thanks to the combination juice blend.

"I have also seen great success using this juice in my practice. One patient, a massage therapist, caught a virus from one of her cancer patients. She had flu symptoms for about a week, which affected her work. I started her on the juice blend, and her symptoms disappeared within two days. Her energy level was higher than prior to when she was massaging that patient." --Dr. Hugh A. Jenkins, N.D.

* "I no longer need my cane to walk...I have suffered with high blood pressure, arthritis and heart palpitations. As a result, I experience stiffness and pain in my joints, especially in the hips, which at times causes me to depend upon a cane to help me get around."

"I was really excited about this mangosteen juice blend because I already knew about mangosteen and what it could do. However, I wanted to know for myself what the health difference would be. What I noticed right away was a sense of well being. I noticed increased endurance, which is what I need for my hectic schedule. I also noticed that I was sleeping much better and getting up less during the early mornings. After about 90 days, I didn't need my cane anymore. When you work in the health field you do not want to be in pain or need assistance with a cane while trying to help others to better health. The taste of the juice is wonderful and the benefits you can receive are priceless." --Dr. Barbara Flott, N.D.

* "Within two days, my energy level was definitely up." I am 62 years old, and I have been using natural health procedures and products for the past 13 years after having a very long bout with diverticulitis. After suffering for almost 12 years, I felt like a new person with a new body after being introduced to herbal remedies.

* "In March 2004 I was asked to test a new fruit juice blend with mangosteen. I began taking up to two ounces every morning and evening. Within two days, my bowels were moving well, my energy level was definitely up and I was sleeping better. Monthly chiropractic adjustments have been a part of my lifestyle for 12 years. However, for the past eight months I found that I needed an adjustment two times a month. After taking the juice blend for two weeks, my body did not need the additional adjustments. Evidently, the inflammation in my body has been reduced, and therefore my body is maintaining a better pH balance. I am also noticing a change in my vision and eye health." --Cookie Tilghman

* "I have twin 5-year-old girls. I've been giving them about 2 teaspoons of Thai-Go™ each day and they've been healthy in pre-school for two months! Anyone who has kids in pre-school knows this is quite a feat. Plus they love the taste. They run to me, saying, "We want the purple stuff!" --Nicole Richards

* "My husband and I love Thai-Go™. It's delicious. We took a bottle of it and felt energized by it. We had a second bottle but didn't get to enjoy it ourselves because we offered a sample to a client. She loved it so much that I sold it to her, and she is seeing great results. Don't worry, we've ordered more." --Sharon Robertson

* "I take Thai-Go™ twice a day. I've found that it gives me energy. I don't get as tired during the day as I used to. It tastes so good, I don't see why anyone wouldn't take this product-especially given its high antioxidant value." --Richard Russell

* "I have a condition (fibromyalgia) that results in severe muscle pain. I have never had anything give me the energy and relief that Thai-Go™ has!" --Coral

* "I have been involved in natural health and prevention for more than 15 years. I have NEVER seen a product this powerful. Having a long history of allergies and immune problems since birth, the combination juice blend has been the most substantial supplement I have ever personally witnessed. I was born with congenital absence of immuno-globulin A, which means I have no defense against viruses. A physician once said, "You should live in a plastic bubble because you are allergic to the world." Having a part of my immune system missing left me with a whole host of allergy problems, ear infections, sinus infections and many sick days. During spring and fall in Wisconsin it is hard to control my allergic response. I have been using the Thai-Go™ mangosteen drink daily since March 2004. I have only needed to take an antihistamine (which I used to live on) twice in that time. For someone who has had a lifelong battle with allergies, this powerful juice blend is my blessing. I live in a bubble all right-a bubble of health! The energy I get from the juice blend is incredible. I feel good, I look good, and I can live allergy free again. It is amazing!" --Jay P. Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D.

* "This product gives me an energy boost!" --Maria

* "My manager gave me two bottles of Thai-Go™ because I was so weak. I have had heart problems and keep having blood clots. I drink the recommended amount twice a day and do believe that it is causing me to gain in strength!! I have just about finished my 4th bottle now and am feeling stronger every day. I would recommend this product highly." --Sharon

* "One of my clients is diabetic, and has a number of health problems, including elevated blood-sugar levels. We put her on the Thai-Go™, and she called three days later to inform me that her blood sugar was dropping!" --Pat

* "I was just getting over a cold when the Thai-Go™ arrived. It helped me to feel better without taking other herbs and also helped get rid of a lingering cough. I had been consistently low in energy and stressed. The product has given me more energy and I am able to stay up later and not be tired in the afternoon." --Maureen

* "My husband has noticed a great immune boost as he was coming down with a cold at the time he began drinking it. He said it is the fastest he ever got over a cold. He has felt more energy and seems to really feel good." --Jean

* "I received the Thai-Go™ in the midst of a bout of the flu. It was interesting that after each dose my fever would break and I immediately felt better. I was able to get going with sustained energy levels after the sickness." --Evelyn

* "My breathing is better when taking the Thai-Go™." --Shelley

* "I suffer with allergies. For 30 years I have had a really violent allergy to cigarette smoke and have frequently passed out from the smell of it. After using Thai-Go™, I experienced an improvement and noticed a difference in my immune system. I also have a lot of breathing problems, but I noticed that after using the juice blend I didn't get sick immediately after I had been around cigarette smoke. This is amazing because in the past 10 years I have always gotten an infection after being around cigarette smoke. I drink the juice blend twice a day, which is unusual because I don't usually like liquids. But I like this one! I could drink a whole bottle in one day. It tastes like grape juice, which is very pleasant." --Peggy

* "A serious skin issue on my leg has come off after one bottle of Thai-Go™. It had been on my leg for seven years." --Suzy

* "My son has psoriasis, and although we were able to get it under control with a good herbal program, he had residual on both elbows and knees. We began taking the juice blend as a family. I would line up five shot glasses in the morning, and everyone would take one as they walked by. Thanks to the great taste, I never had a problem or even had to remind my family to take it! After about three weeks my son's elbows were completely healed over with new skin, and one knee was completely healed. He was so excited! I have had problems in the glandular system with thyroid, adrenals, pituitary and hypothalamus, which can really make life miserable. These issues have completely resolved since I started using the Thai-Go™." --Evelyn

* "I noticed a sense of well being- I experienced endurance, better sleep, noticed pain that I was having in my knees did go away. I find it to be a great pick-me-up during the afternoon." --Barbara

* "I noticed immediate increase in endurance. I had an evening where I only had 3 hours of sleep with a full schedule the day before and the day after. But I sailed through with normal energy taking 3 oz in the morning and 3 oz in the evening." --Valerie* "Thai-Go™ helps keep my inflammation down." --Richard

* "I have a wellness practice and I've been working with a client who has MS and is fighting having to be confined to a wheelchair. He wears wood braces on his legs. I put him on 2 ounces of Thai-Go™ twice a day and about a week later he called me and told me he ripped off his wood braces and for the first time in about a year he has feeling in his feet." --Lisa

* "It tremendously helped me with my PMS. I usually feel yucky and weak and crampy during and before my period. I had NO symptoms. I am very pleased." --Wendy

* "My sister was scheduled for a hip replacement in March of this year. When she went in for her preparation tests, they found out that her hemoglobin level was too low for the procedure and cancelled the surgery until a later time. They rescheduled her to come back in for more tests, during which time she began taking Thai-Go™. She immediately started feeling like she had more energy. When she went back in to have her tests redone, her hemoglobin was fine. They proceeded to do the hip replacement successfully. Personally, I drink the juice blend every day. I love the energy it gives me. Nearly everyone who uses it reports increased energy and a feeling of well being." --Jonas

* "I started taking Thai-Go™ the end of March and have cut back on a LOT of my other supplements!! I have seen so many health improvements since starting it, and am actually spending less money by taking the Thai-Go™. After five weeks on it I had the best monthly cycle I have had in years, and didn't have any water retention. It was quite amazing." --Sharon

* "I started the Thai-Go™ 3 to 4 weeks ago. Thai-Go™ has helped eliminate my migraine headaches and has given me a boost in my energy levels." --Jean Ann