Herbal Advantage is a full line independent distributor of Natures Sunshine herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and alternative health items. Our store carries all of the NSP product line and also has a comprehensive gift shop
Joan - first began this business working from her home in 1992. As her clientele grew, she expanded and joined forces with a group of massage therapists here in the Ocala area. Since then the business has grown and expanded to a multipurpose operation now located in at 535 NE 36th Ave Suite #2 in Ocala, Florida.  The store is an 800 square foot retail operation that is in operation adjacent to Feel Better Ocala, massage and colon therapy. We feature Natures Sunshine Herbs, Bach Flowers, Gifts and a hand picked selection of other natural wellness products to include Paradise Herbs.

Bill Davis - Joan and Bill met in 2000 subsequently married and together they have built the store to its present stature. He automated the inventory, installed POS systems, and began working on building the company's web site and manages the purchasing and data processing. He is a trained Herb Specialist and has been continually learning the various aspects of herbal protocols and alternative health.

We offer private consultations, iridology and compass consultations and on-going support for your individual and family needs.

The Team Carolyn Andrews, Meredith Williams,  Bill and Joan Davis Carolyn joined the Herbal Advantage team in 2003 and Meridith is the latest member of the team joining Herbal Advantage in 2013.

Carolyn and Joan
Bill  and Joan
The Store
535 NE 36th Ave Ste 3

I feel blessed to have met Joan and Bill and to be able to
work with them in Herbal Advantage.  It further compliments my life first as a Christian and  secondly as a  Personal Fitness Instructor at the YMCA and someone who chooses to pursue natural health and wellness.